Arbejder på “Det gode plot”

I forbindelse med arbejdet på min næste bog “Det gode plot” hygger jeg mig med Joseph Campbells “The Hero with a thousand faces”. Campbell er ret vild med psykoanalyse og drømmetydning, fordi det arbejde bygger på de samme arketypiske elementer, som han bruger i sin ‘monomyth’. Her er Campbells meget begejstrede beskrivelse af psykoanalytikerens funktion:

“The dangerous crises of self-development are permitted to come to pass under the protecting eye of an experienced initiate in the lore and language of dreams, who then enacts the role and character of the ancient mystagogue, or guide of souls, the initiating medicine man of the primitive forest sanctuaries of trial and initiation. The doctor is the modern master of the mythological realm, the knower of all the secret ways and words of potency. His role is precisely that of the Wise Old Man of the myths and fairytales whose words assist the hero through the trials and errors of the weird adventure.”